HLA Releases Pro-life Comic Book

17, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — Human Life Alliance (HLA) announces a new edition its original comic book "Life Begins: An amazing adventure."It’s designed to tell a simple tale which helps children learn their first pro-life lesson — how all human beings grow and develop in their mother’s womb."Most pro-lifers are familiar with HLA material regarding the humanity of the preborn child and gruesome realities of abortion," commented new HLA Executive Director Joe Langfeld. Minneapolis artist and sidewalk counselor Evie Rombal illustrated "Life Begins." All this important information is woven into the birth story of a mom and dad journeying toward the big moment when baby and parents meet face to face.Langfeld said, "The message is timeless and offers hope for a new generation. "We seek to help parents lay a strong pro-life foundation among their kids, we seek to continue sharing a positive pro-life message to young people born after the year 2000."Free copies of "Life Begins" are available from Human Life Alliance by calling the main office at (651) 484-1040 or through its online resource center at www.humanlife.org. "They’re the next age group in which we need to lock-in pro-life beliefs before the hardened, secular media gets a hold of them," declared Langfeld. "This delightful comic book shares an uncomplicated straightforward pro-life message with children."As a favorite among pregnancy center volunteers, Sunday school teachers, and parents, HLA decided to update the illustrations for this latest release. Major illustrated milestones include the baby’s heartbeat at 18 days, sucking her thumb at four months, hiccupping at five months, and more. Contact: Joe Langfeld, Human Life Alliance, 651-484-1040MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., Feb. This new comic book will help raise up a new generation with strong pro-life beliefs."Following and continuing its important work with Millennials, HLA now intentionally reaches out to Generation Z. Their comical approach walks children through the development of cells, beginning stages of life, all the way through birth.Beautifully hand drawn and painted full page cells describe significant in utero development points at week seven and twenty-six. We know Millennials are more pro-life than their parents and professors. The previous edition reached 508,400 children at over 1,574 schools, churches, homes, and fairs across the nation.Young children will find the antics of "Life Begins" narrators, Gus and Lila, entertaining.