Henry Jamison – Stars Lyrics

What did I do today? oh (and then and then)
And then I’m lying down and then
(What happened?)
I’m crying out and oh and then
(And after that?)
I’m reading shining words
And then I’m illuminated (and then and then)
I’m illuminating and then
My heart is glowing (and then and then)
It’s thinking of a far-off place and then
It’s bringing it closer (and then and then)
And then all the stars align
Well it’s all shining back like a mirror
And all those mirrors seemed psychopathic
And how we look into them
Like some sort of narcissist
Without any sort of – reflection
We reflect without reflecting
We reflect – my heart is glowing
And it’s crying out to a far-off place
And then it’s bringing it closer
And then and then and then
All the stars align I cry
I cry
On the red carpet
All the stars are lining up
In Trafalgar Square and their eyes are shining
In the flashbulbs’ glare
And turning round, I see
A child actor looking at me
He’s ten or so in Versace
And his eyes aren’t blinking
I cry
I cry
I don’t know why
Love is all around me
In an open field
All the stars aligning in Little River
And her eyes are shining
You know a pelican when pressed
Will peck its own breast to feed its children, yes
Such a symbol of selflessness
I cry
I cry
Now I know why
Love is all around me
Oh the world
Is tiltin’ on its axis
And we all are
Some kind – some kind of Atlas
I feel my shoulders
Tighten in space (and then and then)
Before a constellation oh
And then and then my phone is ringing (where were you?) and then
I’m picking up oh
And then and then and then
I’m crying out (and then and then)
What did you do today?