HBO to Air Lewd Attack on Pope — Shocked Catholics Protesting

In HBO’s ‘The Young Pope,’ to be released on January 15th, ‘Pope’ actor Jude Law grabs Ludivine Sagnier’s bare breast in adulterous sceneContact: Jack Burnham, Media Director, America Needs Fatima, 888-317-5571, [email protected] YORK, Penn., Jan. 5, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — Over 24,000 Catholics are shocked and protesting HBO’s upcoming TV series "The Young Pope" starring Jude Law as Pope Pius XIII.News reports sport such headlines as:
Actor Jude [Law] grabs Ludivine Sagnier’s bare breast in shockingly racy scene from The Young Pope.LOOK away now if you’re easily offended – as Sky series The Young Pope prepares to broadcast a shocking sex scene involving the pontiff.Actor Jude Law plays the fictional Pope Pius XIII as he gets to grips with a blonde’s boob while in his holy white robes.
"Its critique of the Church is superficial – pornographic, even, relying on the cheap shock factor."
Robert Newhouse’s review in The Yale Herald remarks about the series: "The pope is portrayed as struggling with his vow of celibacy," Ritchie observed. "The above headlines describe ‘a salacious scene,’" said America Needs Fatima director Robert Ritchie. "The wife of one of the pope’s Swiss Guards clandestinely meets with the pope and there the two adulterously ‘help’ one another in the way the many press reports are describing."The movie’s lewd content with a world famous actor portraying the pope to millions of HBO subscribers is a great offense to Catholics.Anti-Catholicism in the public square is on the rise. But "The Young Pope" is shocking Catholics into reacting in a way that may deter the entertainment industry from further attacks on the Faith. Like all Catholics, I am highly offended by HBO planning to air this program."In response to "The Young Pope," Catholics are signing on to a nationwide online petition protest. "This lewd attack on the Papacy itself is shocking.