Guided By Voices – My Big Day (three Versions) Lyrics

I stole the fleece from the grasp of the beast
Now I will rest in peace, yeah I will rest in peace
And it’s my big day
It’s my big day
I peeled the skin from the fruit of good men
Waging war over sin, yeah I’d do it all again
On my big day
On my big day
*Written in Blood passed down through ages
*A song for any fool to play
*On his big day
*Boys will be boys making all kinds of noise
*With the dangerous toys
*I keep my poise
*’Cuz it’s my big day
*Oh it’s my big day
*Kings versus kings but it don’t mean a thing
*It’s a serious thing(?)
*When a straight pack ??? *On my big day
* Oh it’s my big day
It’s my day
It’s my day
It’s my day
It’s my day
Don’t you try to spoil it
I’m a firebreathing dragon
Don’t you try to stop me
I’m a hi-tech paddy wagon
(*watch me off the ground with nothing draggin’)
And here I go
Smooth sailing
From here on out