Gucci Mane – Sway (skit) Lyrics

You didn’t think I was official man
Read my T-shirt man
Look what that say right there
My homie’s back, okay? Talkin’ Ferrari boys, I’m the third member they haven’t
exposed out yet
But I am the third member
You know, Ferrari boys so I’m out here to do my camie
Got my wardrobe together
Gucci, good to have you back homie
Let’s keep you back, know what I mean? GUCCI MANESway (skit) Lyrics
Yea, we on the air right now
Know what I’m sayin’? Alright
Sway, world famous like you showed up keen and tech
I see you reached nice
Wuddup bitch, I see you Vermont dukes
Shaheen, Lee, Bob Martin and Vic, everybody
Stay away from fire on the BG
We got you back homie
That’s why I’m here