Gucci Mane Artist Ralo To Plead Guilty To Marijuana Trafficking Charges

KNOWIN THAT MY MANS AN THEM THREW ME UNDER BUS TO GET THEM A TIME CUT,” he said. It seems that the rapper’s latest move follows on the heel of developments with his co-conspirators who were jointly charged. The young rapper is charged with conspiring to distribute 100 kilos of marijuana worth millions of dollars. View this post on Instagram

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“IDK HOW TO WRITE OR SAY THIS BUT IMA JUST GET IT OFF MY CHEST. The rapper was unable to secure bail and has been in jail since being arrested after prosecutors were successful in getting the judge to deny Ralo’s $250,000 bond by arguing that there was significant evidence he’d continued to set up drug deals from his jail cell, using code words and an Apple watch. I BEEN DEALING WITH A BATTLE WITHIN MYSELF. Share this:

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Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) The court has been informed of the artist’s intentions after a document was filed on Tuesday, April 13. Ralo, who is signed to Gucci Mane’s 1071 Records, is among 13 other people charged for marijuana trafficking in 2018 and has been behind bars since. LET THEM FOLKS LIVE THEY LIFE IN PEACE PLZ BRO. On conviction, he faces up to 40 years in prison. I WANNA PUT ALL THIS POLICE AS SHIT BEHIND ME AN MOVE FORWARD IN LIFE, FORGIVE DOONKI WILD, ALL THE OTHERS AN BEGG THAT THEY DONT SAY MY NAME TO THEM FOLKS AGAIN. Weeks ago, Ralo posted on his official Instagram account that the persons he was charged with have thrown him under the bus to secure plea deals for reduced sentences for themselves. Judge Alan Baverman acknowledged that the court is aware that Ralo “intends to enter a guilty plea in this case.” However, a date for hearing to enter the new plea has not been officially given. This means that Ralo, who pleaded not guilty in May 2018, is now changing his not guilty plea to a guilty plea. The artist is preparing to plead guilty to at least one charge in his criminal conspiracy case, according to VladTV. “I SUFFER NIGHT AN DAY FROM THAT PAIN, IN ORDER FOR ME TO FEEL BETTER IM TRYING TO PUT IT IN ME TO FORGIVE THEM AN I BEG YAWL TO FORGIVE THEM AS WELL. Meanwhile, it seems that the rapper is also banking on clemency from President Joe Biden for a pardon based on the fact that it is a marijuana offense and the substance is being legalized across the country. #FREERALO,” the post ended. Evidence from his Apple watch was said to be very incriminating.