Gorod – Thirst For Power Lyrics

A universe for a human being
Is it not too much? What world will be mine? GORODThirst For Power Lyrics
If i could control my dreams, be the master of my nights
Relive the struggles of my days, not to suffer but dominate these fights
If I could rule a universe where only my person would matter
And not just be a pawn in a world heading straight for disaster
Raise some armies, just for slaughters’ sake of my fellow creatures
Meet harmonious and fair societies of a forbidden future
The ability to struggle, shape my life, follow my principles
No longer be haunted by religions and the infidels’ rattles
These dreams that are mine
Are not they those of others? Some are too coward and too weak
To dare to think to dominate a world
Even if theirs, they’re all confused
Preferring the slavery of their carnal life
Some kingdom to conquer
Unlimited source of power
My imagination is braved
My violence is boundless
You’ve chosen to be slave, become my victim
Nothing belongs to you, neither your body nor your mind
Bulging and overweening, such is my thirst of power
Decadent, perverted, so have become my ideals
Day after day, night after night, ever vision, every dream
My subconscious dictate all my real or imaginary actions
In what reality will I surface? What are the rules to follow, blood in my mind, blood in my hands
Never mind, here is my path, I survive, you perish