Gong – The Invisible Temple Lyrics

Part 1
Where are you? Yoni…
She flies out of the sky
With a great swoosh of wings
And a flapping of feathers swirling by
Dissolving dream destroyers
Who stamp like mice in jackboots
On imaginative schemes
But dreams come through
Like lighted train windows
In the night
And the wind whirling in the trees
Reality thieves shout fear and doubt
O it's a nightmare nightmare…
Sailing in the sky with yoni on high…
Part 2
Beyond the veil…
Zero to infinity! Part 3
The dogs of Diana play
They surf on incandescent waves
Muskrat, merquat, small eyed snake
Marmoset bear and howling wolf
Streaming higher
Diana hunts but never kills
Diana hunts but never kills
Never kills those living things
Those living things
In vast concentric rings concentric rings