Go Find – Over The Edge Lyrics

And what you do,
You do to me,
And all you say is over the edge,
And all you want in your eyes,
I feel the blood rush through my veins,
The love I stole from your lips,
I feel, I feel, I feel, I I I feel….. GO FINDOver The Edge Lyrics
I don’t think I let you down,
I see the doubt in your eyes,
I take you out by surprise,
There is no doubt in your eyes,
All you know,
Is what you see? I know I know you speak in different tongues
But I don’t care, I long for more,
I hear a difference in your voice,
But I don’t mind,
From time to time
I see the doubt in your eyes,
I know I know you won’t be mine,
And all I want is all you need
And all you need is what you see
All you want is what you hear
You never guess,
Guess for me
All I need is what you give
You won’t be sad,
If you let it go.