Generationals – Turning The Screw Lyrics

GENERATIONALSTurning The Screw Lyrics
I know you’ve gone and you’re gone for good
I took it better than I thought I would
I’m here lying awake and I have no memory
Every day I want to disappear
I want to be in a coma for the rest of the year
I want to watch my friends and embrace my enemies
All alone in the dead of night
Everybody looks so much older
I was afraid you’d got too far along
I can see you in the distance
Looking over your shoulder
And I could tell you were already gone
I turn around and another two years slip away
Have a dream about a ticking clock and,
Getting faster, and
And I, when the day is dead
I think about what I would have said, hm-mm,
Am I going to get a chance to go back
Or am I turning the screw
I know you’re in there, want to go it alone
You told me you me you could never go back home
I know it’s hard to-n go
When you don’t want to look at me
You remember what you had before
Can you tell is it it anymore
Can you see that you are what you did not want to be
All alone in the din up ahead
Everybody looks so much older…