G Herbo – Really Like That Lyrics

Hell, yeah
I ain’t never hide, uh, I’m forever ridin’ (I’m forever ridin’)
I’ve seen homicides, but not televised (Real life)
I’ve been ’round killers, most of ’em on my momma side (On my momma side)
Saw a murder at nine, ever since been traumatized
But f*ck it (f*ck that shit)
When I made it out the trenches, said a nigga lucky (Say what?)
Some got into one of my hitters, man, he been reluctant (Damn)
Ran into a couple hiccups but that shit was nothin’ (Shit ain’t nothin’)
Lawyer money, I ain’t stayin’, get that shit deducted
Threw up in my Lamb truck, inside of the whip disgustin’ (Gross)
How these bitches bussin’, don’t say nothin’, they just get to f*ckin’
I don’t want no bum bitches (Hoe), see me and they get to buckin’ (Bitch)
Boys ain’t on the crumb, they might see me and just get to duckin’ (Bah)
For real, niggas see me, tuck they tails, for real (I ain’t lyin’)
Ask about No Limit, bitch, we run the jails, for real
.40 steel, bought a new four nick, I tote my .40 still
I’ve been on some shit out here like five M’s before the deal (Ayy)
Soon as the ink dried, I spent a whole ticket on some wheels
Know that shit was stupid, I just wanted to see how it feels (No bap)
Stood over my nigga dyin’, and I really cried tears
Every year I get above ground, bitch, I gotta live
It is what it is, it ain’t Benz, or it is
And before I miss my kids, put that sig on his ribs
I ain’t never did a bid, but we split some niggas wigs (Got ’em)
I be rappin’ for the streets, you niggas rappin’ for the pigs (Listen)
(Tay Keith, f*ck these niggas up!) I been tryna see what’s up with you (What up?)
Wrappin’ rubber bands, that’s okay, I understand (Aight)
Pop-out dolo, I be chillin’ with the fans (Uh, uh, uh)
They like, “Swervo, how you much you pay for that watch, a hunnid grand?”
Hell yeah (Uh)
And I got this bitch on everywhere
If a nigga try it, he gon’ have to fire, hell yeah
Death be everywhere, I smell it in the air
When the oppers die, was you still outside? [Intro]
(Tay Keith, f*ck these niggas up!)
Uh, sixteen I bought a strap (No bap)
Seventeen too many guns, by eighteen I caught a case (Facts)
They ain’t f*ckin’ with Tay Keith, but like Tay-K, I did the race (Vroom)
F and N, featherweight, I barely feel it on my waist
That’s why I walk like this, talk like that
Iced out all my niggas, bitch, ’cause I’m a boss like that (Swerve)
Puttin’ miles on my foreign, f*ck up my exhaust like that (Just like that)
Overkill ’em why you had to nail him to the cross like that (Dang)
Fire the block and we peel it (Skrr)
I feel dressed like a villain
Still’ll get hit when I’m chillin’ (Brrr)
Ain’t went cray but I’m willin’
Send that pay when they billin’ (Ayy, ayy)
Money tall like the ceilin’ (Ceilin’)
I don’t know no better feelin’ (No better feelin’)
This bitch ridin’ my denim
Price went up like a million (Skrr, skrr)
I just cashed out (Cash)
My lil’ shooter with me, he like twenty, he gon’ crash out
I blend in with savages, you see-through like a glasshouse
Never caught no body in here, get your p*ssy ass out, f*ck nigga (Get your bitch ass out, nigga)
Shout out my lil’ mans, call him Xan ’cause he slump niggas (Slump niggas)
I might pull up Ghost, Rolls, I been bought the truck, nigga
Know you know that sayin’, if it’s up there then it’s stuck, nigga (Stuck)
Hit ’em in his head, he ain’t get up but he stuck, nigga (He stuck)
Killer where you been?