G.g.f.h. – Room 213 Lyrics

Take away the pieces, survey the scene. Here it comes again. Just like gein, they call me cannibal and friend
They come to find me, and take away my dream. 213 – The number on the door,
Come inside if you’d like to know some more. The urge to dance with you,
The urge to bind your wrists, and make my dreams come
true. They’re knocking gently on the door of 213. G.G.F.H.Room 213 Lyrics
Nightfall comes around again,
Pull the shades down, coldness my only friend. You escape but the man just brings you back. Dance with the dead at night,
The smell of death is here, I’d like to take a bite. Waiting for you, with my hard and frozen hearts,
I see your eyes, your lips, and other body parts. They work for me, the white light in the black.