From Cult to Christ – My Journey Out of Hell

17, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — Author Chris Plumb has been through hell and back. This spiritual, religious, and motivational novel is available for sale in all markets through the book website, From his struggles in finding acceptance as a youth to his finding of peace through a higher power in Christianity, Chris delivers a first person narrative of what it is like to be abused, struggle, persevere, and succeed.   My Journey Out of Hell is not just another novel about a life story – It is about transformation, about finding oneself in the darkest times, and about learning to accept and love oneself. This is what caught my attention so much. The transformations and the lessons that can be learned from Chris’ life experiences will astound you. Chris is one of those few people who have gone through those struggles most of us could not even comprehend and transformed his life after. "His journey through the deep hurts and disappointments in his life will reach out and touch the hearts of those who are hurting." My Journey Out of Hell will make anyone stop and think about the trials they are going through and wonder if they are all really that bad – because compared to Chris’ trials, they most likely are not. Contact: Chris Plumb, Author, 916-230-9087, [email protected] CITRUS HEIGHTS, Calif., Feb. Contact Chris for speaking engagements and more information on My Journey Out of Hell @ 916-230-9087, [email protected]   We all go through struggles in life – some of us more so than others. "Learn the path that lead this author to peace and tranquility. Chris now lives in California with his 4 children; Brayden, Jordan, Libby and Austin. I truly recommend this book to anybody; regardless of whether you are in a religion or not." About the Author: Chris grew up in a Mormon household in Las Vegas, Nevada. From his struggles as a youth through early adulthood, to finding Christ and reformatting his life through Christianity and finding a higher power, you will not put the book down once you start reading it. After a career in real estate Chris followed his passion to write, and is now sharing his story as a way to help others find peace in their lives.