French Montana – Jungle Rules Album

“No Pressure” featuring Future 11. Jeezy

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Share on Google+ “Push Up” 12. “Whiskey Eyes” featuring Chinx 2. “She Workin” featuring Marc E. French Montana – Jungle Rules Album

Before we’ve had a chance to recover from Hov DJ Khaled’s albums, Coke boy rapper French has released the tracklist for his upcoming album Jungle Rules, which drops in two weeks time. 13. “Stop It” featuring T.I. “Unforgettable” featuring Swae Lee 3. “Trippin” 4. “A Lie” featuring the Weeknd and Max B 5. “Black Out” featuring Young Thug 14. “Famous” 17. “White Dress”
READ  French Montana – Everytime Lyrics Ft. “Formula” featuring Alkaline 16. “Migo Montana” featuring Quavo 10. “Too Much” 18.  
Jungle Rules Track List
1. “Jump” featuring Travis Scott 6. Bassy 15. “Bring Dem Things” featuring Pharrell 8. “Hotel Bathroom” 7. “Bag” featuring Ziico Niico 9.