Freddie Gibbs – My Homeboy’s Girlfriend Lyrics

Damn Testing me, stressing me, how dare she question my
loyalty? Dead wrong, f**king my homeboy’s girlfriend
f**kin my homeboy’s girlfriend
But it’s your homeboy’s girlfriend
f**kin my homeboy’s girlfriend
Lovin my homeboy’s girlfriend
[Verse 2:]
I wish I had the nuts to tell you this
While you was locked away in jail I was out here
nailing your bitch
I even helped out with the house note, the car payments
and shit
I never thought about our friendship, I just thought
with my dick
And I was dead wrong, on bogus shit from the start
Cause of this lust in my mind, I carried this guilt in
my heart
I be so weak to let a piece of pussy peel us apart
If you found out about this shit, might twist your
feelings in knots
Speaking of feelings, I caught em
Big bag of dreams and I bought em
Visions of me and her stuck on an island hideaway
Sometimes I don’t return her calls and pray one day she
be off it
But yo it seems like since he came home, she been
calling more often
Damn… guess she addicted to the way I treat her
Because she right back at my doorstep everytime that he
beat her
Fussing and crying saying baby I need you, why you
ignore me? FREDDIE GIBBSMy Homeboy’s Girlfriend Lyrics
Money and bitches
Niggas die for money and bitches
[Verse 1:]
Money and bitches
Niggas die for money and bitches
What I embody is so ungodly, God is my witness
Emotions froze, I’m so cold on every bitch on my team
A rolling stone, I move on like it’s a daily routine
I used to have this bitch that had me twisted
Used to get drunk at the club and call me for random
She stumbled into my door and I smashed her in the
Yes she get rough when we sexing, flexing in all
Whispered and I often listened, she got a nigga at home
Not quite at home, he took a pitch and since ’06 he
been gone
She say she grown, she pay her bills and raise her kid
on her own
Plus he touch down in a few days, I should just leave
her alone
But it’s that devil on my shoulder, telling me to come
3am I hit the gas in my Chevy, blowin on doja
Got me stuck and I can’t understand
Why I can’t notice, I’m so bogus cause I know her man
I guess I’m dead wrong
Fa sho
Money and bitches make the world spin
f**king with you can make my world end
How I get caught up in this whirlwind? Damn
[Verse 3:]
Money and bitches
Niggas die for money and bitches
Trying to stay occupied, so I stay out there f**king
But my affairs with this woman was extremely indecent
Truth is my homie got every right to come leave me
Woke up with my phone on fire
Twenty, thirty missed calls
Called him back, he picked it up and I could tell he
pissed off
He told me, bitch nigga, you see me, walk the other way
No room for explanation, just jump straight into pistol
All them years we go back just got flushed down the
Might lose my life behind this bitch, but man I just
can’t afford it
Whole situation could have been avoided
I wonder what went through his head when he picked up
that loaded pistol and pointed
Like damn… if I can’t have you in life, I guess I’ll
have you in death
Finished her off with 3 shots and turned the fifth on
Was it really love or did we both all fall for a sleazy
broad? Killed his girl and spared my f**king life, who had the
deeper bond?