Frank Casino – Better Place Lyrics

Blowing up, oh yeah that’s us
Bandana wearer, Nikey Cortez kicks, so copeira
Kappa tracks pant with the V Lone sweater
Man I like bad bitch, bad as Juweria
Rather keep my boys fed, never ever fed up
Always keep bread up, prepared to break the bread up even when some things don’t add up
Yeah, moving to a better place

Better Place Lyrics by Frank Casino
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Oh no, lord knows, lord knows
I move like the mafia
Backseat in the rover, names on all the poster, the dreams is getting closer, it’s switching
I need my niggas out here, I don’t want nobody missing
Man on mission, I can bet my come-ups different
Look what talent does when you add a lot persistence
Man there’s no love, no love no trust
Just lust, that lust won’t last
Oh na, that’s not for us
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Eah, moving with no number plates
Everytime I move, I kill and I leave no trace
Fuck a two face dude, as long as I get big face
I love my women new, ones who got expensive taste
Man I always knew, I always knew it would be this ways
I swear I always knew, I always knew it would be this way
I’m like Esco, green light let’s go
More flows, more dough, more hoes
Cash flow, more foes, less bros
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