First Dog Agility Novel for Teens Releasing in June

"After living 43 years with a kidney transplant, it makes me quite qualified to write this novel, but ‘Aslan: Running Joy’ isn’t a medical drama about getting a transplant. Like dance. Like art.And surely impossible for someone like her.Her suspicions are confirmed when an agility instructor says Krissy’s inability to run will keep her and Aslan from successfully competing against other lightning-fast agility teams and suggests Krissy choose a less physically demanding, second-choice dog sport.Second choices—once again.And on top of all that, Krissy is pretty sure she doesn’t even like her own dog.About the AuthorKristin Kaldahl is an award-winning writer and agility instructor. Kristin Kaldahl Announces the Release of Aslan Running JoyWhat do you do when your life turns upside down? "While it is a work of fiction, it draws heavily on my background as a teenager with a kidney transplant and as a disabled adult agility competitor," Kaldahl said. In addition, Kaldahl is a long-term kidney transplant survivor. Second choices in.It’s been that way since dialysis left fourteen-year-old Krissy disabled. It’s a book about the healing power of simple love."For more information or high resolution images, contact or visit you copy of Aslan Running Joy now: Details:Young Adult ContemporaryDate Published: June 1, 2021 (CrossLink Publishing, Tantor Media)Formats: Paperback, ebook, audiobookAvailable: Wherever good books are soldTags: Dog agility, para athletes, #ownvoices, kidney transplant, dog trainingSOURCE Kristin Kaldahl, AuthorCONTACT: 405 210-4510, 


Tweet Her limitations went from none to a ton, and now they stand in the way of her dream—to compete in dog agility with her new sheltie pup, Aslan.She’s seen videos of agility handlers sprinting, spinning, and twisting as they race with their dogs through the intricate obstacle courses. You get a dog—and run.NEWS PROVIDED BYKristin Kaldahl, AuthorMay 19, 2021OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla., May 19, 2021 /Christian Newswire/ — First choices out. More About the Book"Aslan: Running Joy" is Kaldahl’s debut novel. It’s a beautiful sport. "Because I lived through these things, I was able to pull all those real-life emotions and experiences into the book, making it zing with authenticity."Kaldahl received her first kidney transplant when she was 13-years-old. It’s a book about reclamation, overcoming, and the healing love of God working through family, friends, and the furred among us. Her dogs have earned eight agility championships and have qualified for the AKC Agility National Championship fourteen times.