Fat Joe & Lil Mo Show Each Other Love On IG After He Apologize For Calling Her Dusty

#StreetCODE Women and Children is off limits.”
Fat Joe also dropped in on her comments section to apologize. First of all… you, V, Shanti- or nobody yhad even come out yet- when him and Ja was going back & forth; we didn’t know who was in the back. Fat Joe and Lil Mo have made amends following his offensive remarks against her on Verzuz. View this post on Instagram

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“Stop it Mo, you know damn well Joe ain’t on it like that. “Shout to the ladies very sorry if I disrespected,” he tweeted. “WHO IS YOU to tell ME how to FEEL. “I love Vida and Lil Moe I’m super sorry love my sisters.”
Shout out to the ladies very sorry if i disrespected i love vida and lil Moe I’m super sorry love my sisters
— FAT JOE (@fatjoe) September 15, 2021

Vita and Lil Mo were among a slew of female artists that joined the show, including Ashanti brought by Ja Rule, but she also performed with Fat Joe. Mind ya business. Remy Ma also performed with Ja Rule. “You got all those other dusty bitches out there,” said Fat Joe. Fat Joe initially offered a wishy-washy apology for the offensive comments he made about Lil Mo and Vita, who were present at his Verzuz against Ja Rule on Tuesday night. Joe issued a half-hearted apology Wednesday morning. Ja Rule brought out the ladies on stage to perform their collab hit “Put It on Me.”
However, things got heated when Ja Rule told Joe that bringing out Remy Ma was “fucking pathetic” to “to save you.” Joe responded with an insult of his own that went too far. “You gotta go to the crackhouse to find them bitches.”
Social media users were quick to chide Joe over the harsh and stereotypical comments many used against Black women. Fat Joe later commented on Lil Mo’s video telling her, “Love you mo,” and she responded saying, “love you JOE.”

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Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) “I’m super sorry I love you and vida I said sorry to your face before I left the building and to vida I was caught up in the moment and I’m super sorry god bless.”
Remy Ma defends Fat joe
Meanwhile, Remy Ma is defending Fat Joe as she added her voice to the comments Joe made under Lil Mo’s post. Foh,” she said. According to Remy Ma, the comments were not directed at the two women as they weren’t even present on stage when Joe said it. Lil Mo reacted to the apology Wednesday afternoon, clearly not accepting his earlier apology and urging “EVERYONE” to tell Fat Joe that he owes a genuine Apology [sic]. She added – “I’m Not A Bxtch nor am I Dusty!!! Second…I was in the car when you walked thru the parking lot and he hugged you, & showed you mad love as usual… no need for your followers to tell him anything, as someone that personally knows you I’m sorry you were offended- you can call my phone; matter of fact I’m gonna dm you my number in case you don’t have it anymore- but also as someone that personally knows Joe he is not intentionally trying to hurt anyone- it was a battle between friends that are like family; sidebar: #streetcode don’t do social media.”
Lil Mo also responded to Remy Ma’s interjection with a crisp comment reply.