Elanh – Land Of Broken Dreams Lyrics

They’ve made their final mortal dive
Crushed into the dawn
Like it should be in a cruel life
(did they deserve it?)
No action at all
All good things have been done
Over the edge
Grew passive and became no one
(welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome)
I don’t want to be scared
I’m not here there’s a place in my mind
I am a weak source of warmth
My lips are freezing in a smile
The upside-down waterfall
Is taken back my time
(how much is still left?)
The regrets aren’t here
To torture their restless souls
They’d traded hopes and their cravings
For decadence and sweet repose
(and it is getting worse)
I don’t want to be scared
I fall ’cause I don’t know what else to do
Brought back to the real world
They will not cry
Nothing makes them hurt
All emotions die
The value of life
They are left with no human desires
Lost on the inside
They faded into nothingness
The life has been denied
As something useless
If they swim through blackness
Of memories
They will never leave
This hell in peace
Broken church bells
Will never sing farewells
Dreams are floating
Dreams are floating
I keep falling
Into mourning ELANHLand Of Broken Dreams Lyrics
Where have their hopes gone?