Eden Wood – Bieber Fever Lyrics

but you know im worth the wait
so in 20 years we’ve got a date!!! EDEN WOODBieber Fever Lyrics
hey mama, i think i have a fever… a bieber fever
i had a dream last night that he was gonna marry me
and we’ll reaise a family
we’ll adopt ten bieber babies
and drive all the other girls crazy
but wait not until I…
go to college
get knowledge
drive a car
be a star
make time stop
do kidz bop
see the world
be a girl
bieber fever
bi,bi bieber fever (x4)
make me a…
fashion line
turn back time
write a bill
meet ol pill
learn first aid
see the glades
learn to cook
write a book
bieber fever
bi,bi,bieber fever(x4)
but wait there’s more
cant be before i…
win a grammy
buy miami
save the trees
sail the seas
feed the poor
stop a war
dance like mike
everest hike
rule the world
then i’m your girl
bieber fever
bi,bi bieber fever(x4)
so you see justin
i’ve got a lot to do
until i marry you!!!