Eagleman Band – Reach For His Hand Lyrics

His hand was there for Peter as he sank in the sea
He’ll reaches down His hand now to save you and me. Chorus
God gives us answers for a world filled with strife
His word is the chart to sail the rough sea of life
It opens up a window into our soul and helps us understand
That we must know Jesus and reach for His hand. Verse
Through good times and bad, His hand reaches out
When the storms of life rage and we’re tossed about. Verse
You ask a million questions before you are through
And search for the answers on each page anew
Then you will discover that His Great Master Plan
Will light up your way beyond life’s shifting sand. EAGLEMAN BANDReach For His Hand Lyrics
You ask how to know what’s right and what’s wrong
What’s the worth of one life among such a huge throng
You want to know who can take away your pain
Cure all your hurt feelings and make you well again.