DVD Bible Study Brings the Last Days of Jesus to Life with Footage from Israel and Insight from 6 Bible Experts

The Rejected King: The Triumphal Entry 
Love to the Full: The Last Supper 

From Warrior to Servant: Jesus the Messiah 
The Death of Death: The Resurrection of Jesus
The six sessions (about 25-35 minutes each) examine the key aspects of his final days. Lewis who first posited that Jesus was either a liar, lunatic, or exactly who He said He was – the Christ, the Son of God. Was Jesus a madman rightfully executed or the much-anticipated Savior they had been waiting for? With Palm Sunday and Easter approaching, the Last Days of Jesus is an essential tool for pastors, lay leaders, small groups, and those wanting to bolster their faith and knowledge. 8, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — It was C.S. The cross confronts people with this choice. The new The Last Days of Jesus DVD Bible study (Rose Publishing) examines the life of Jesus up close as it gives a solid overview of key events leading up to Easter. Showing spectacular footage from the Garden of Gethsemane, rolling stone tomb, and the Mount of Olives, each session begins in Israel providing viewers with incredible insight into the historical and cultural background of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Imagine world-class teaching and university-grade scholarship made simple that can be viewed in your living room or church’s resource center. New DVD series help us see Jesus more clearly through his final actsContact: Don Otis, 719-275-7775, interviews@veritasincorporated.com LOS ANGELES, Feb.
The Ultimate Victory: The Trial and Death of Jesus 
The series is taught by the nation’s top scholars in New Testament studies from Wheaton, Talbot Theological Seminary, and more and is illustrated with footage throughout Jerusalem. Each of the six sessions reveals that Jesus had no interest in power or prestige. And in The Last Days of Jesus DVD study, his plan clearly unfolds step-by-step through example, through sacrifice, through the kind of love that would soon transform the world.From the Mount of Transfiguration to the Garden of Gethsemane, you will see the crucial events that led to the crucifixion – the triumphal entry of Palm Sunday, cleansing of the Temple, Judas’ betrayal, and much more. With modern-day illustrations, top-tier teaching, thought-provoking questions, and real-life applications, these lessons will encourage small groups and congregations to put Jesus’ lessons into action.For more information see: www.rose-publishing.com/The-Last-Days-Of-Jesus-DVD-based-Bible-Study-Deeper-Connections-Series-P3687.aspx Product Code: 4142DV – ISBN: 9781628624328
A Glimpse of Glory: The Transfiguration