Dr. Mateen Ajala Diop Releases New Book – ‘The Making Of A Mad Man’

He has served at every leadership level in the K-12 area and he is passionate about advocating and strengthening America’s neighborhood schools."The Making of a MAD Man" is available at www.drmateendiop.com and Dr. He was determined to find ways to overcome."The Making of a MAD Man" provides much wisdom for sitting and aspiring principals who lead inner schools and encourages to remain positive in the face of adversity. Dr. Diop believes for one to overcome they must be unwavering with determination to achieve goals and aim to succeed no matter the mountain.His wealth of experience stems from over 25 years in public education. Mateen did with the obstacles he encountered whilst serving as principal of one of San Antonio’s most challenging high schools. Mateen Ajala Diop:Website: www.drmateendiop.com | Facebook: DrMateenADiop Instagram: @DrMateenADiopSOURCE KWEST International Inc.CONTACT: Karlos Cobham, info@kwestinternational.com 


Tweet and is a Consultant, Coach and Author. Mateen desires that all leaders be readers as he shares another transformational chapter of his life.Connect with Dr. NEWS PROVIDED BYKWEST International Inc.March 8, 2021SAN ANTONIO, Texas, March 8, 2021 /Christian Newswire/ — "The Making Of A Mad Man," no pun intended, but it’s M.A.D – Mateen Ajala Diop with another one. A brand new thought provoking book release with a fusion of his personal and professional life as an educator is available now at www.drmateendiop.com.He is the Founder and CEO of My All Things Educational, LLC. That’s exactly what Dr. Mateen Ajala Diop was born and raised in San Antonio Texas and his second book can be deemed as the epitome of the grand unfolding of "Mad Moments."Let’s be honest, there is so much to be mad about in the world we live in today, but one thing is sure, we don’t have to sit back and watch, we can choose to be changing agents and change the game. Dr.