Dr. Frank Wright: We Will Not Bow to Cancel Culture

James Kennedy Ministries by the cancel culture have accelerated dramatically. But I wanted you to know that we are not sitting here wringing our hands in despair. As you may know, we sued both SPLC and Amazon in federal district court for defamation and discrimination. Not long ago, our Truths That Transform television program was forced off the Lifetime Channel being deemed too controversial. Why were they in jail? And we are working diligently to expand our channels of distribution.The Scriptures promise that when the enemy comes in like a flood, God raises a standard to which we can repair. James Kennedy Ministries, the first significant attack came from the Southern Poverty Law Center—who placed us on their so-called hate map for our Biblical views on marriage and human sexuality. We are asking that court to remand our case for a trial before a jury of our peers. They were listening to Baptist preachers, who stood in their jail cell windows preaching the Gospel. Four years later, that case is still alive before the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta. Cancel culture is the moniker for the systematic efforts of media and technology elites to marginalize, demonize, and eventually criminalize speech and ideas that are unacceptable to their hard-Left Marxist sensibilities.For D. We are confident in our calling and blessed beyond measure by your faithful prayers and consistent financial support. We remain committed to standing for truth and defending your freedom. We are taking every possible step to secure all our digital, video, and print content. And most recently, the thought police at Facebook began blocking our Facebook Live program titled, "Why Do You Believe That?" This is a program we have aired for the last fifteen months on Facebook—but suddenly we are deemed in violation of their so-called community standards.Friends, this is surely the first wave of much more to come. These visceral examples of viewpoint discrimination were not lost on Madison who later drafted the U.S. Constitution and went on to serve as the fourth President of the United States.Fast forward 250 years or so and we see a new and insidious form of viewpoint discrimination in what’s called the cancel culture. Many have heard the term but may not understand what it means. When James Madison was a young man, he stood with his father outside a Virginia jail listening. That standard is truth—God’s truth. What was their alleged crime? Thank you for standing with us. Please pray that God will open that door with a favorable ruling.More recently the attacks on D. Just in the last month, the digital vendor hosting our website’s bookstore—known as Volusian—forced us to close down our bookstore—again because of our Biblical stand for truth. They were preaching opinions not approved by the government.

NEWS PROVIDED BYD. Statement from Dr. Frank Wright on Cancel Culture Attacks James Kennedy MinistriesJuly 16, 2021FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., July 16, 2021 /Christian Newswire/ — In a public statement on video, D. James Kennedy Ministries President and CEO Dr. Frank Wright revealed a series of cancel culture attacks on the Christian broadcast ministry which, he said, are "surely the first wave of much more to come." Despite that, he pledged that "we remain committed to standing for truth and defending your freedom." The text of his full statement is below and may be viewed at www.djameskennedy.org.
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