‘Don’t Miss the Miracles’ — Seeing God Work Through Life’s Toughest Times

When we were a family of five the adventures we had together created great memories. James Fordyce MD says, "Those faced with overwhelming medical problems can benefit from a physician’s knowledge, but without the patient’s resolve and the strength garnered from a faith in a power greater than us, these treatments are often not enough. For more information about "Don’t Miss the Miracles" (ISBN: 978-1-63357-093-1, Trade Paper, 80 pages, $10.95), visit CrossLinkPublishing.com. Though it breaks his families’ hearts that he is not here with them for the official publication, they love that they had the opportunity to write this book with him, he was very humbled that CrossLink chose to publish it, and they know the fact that he died does not change this story which shows very much how he lived.About the Publisher:CrossLink publishing is a traditional Christian Publishing company. Leslie, Executive Pastor says, "This is a real life drama of a man who [was] daily reminded of the goodness of God in ways most of us could never imagine and whose family has experienced courage and strength through it all. Woven together with football analogies, war stories, and lessons from God’s Word, this story shows an ordinary family in crisis learning to recognize God’s miracles. This story illustrates the importance of faith in God when faced with a terrible illness."About the Authors: Roy and April Schrameck and Heather Goodyear have lived very blessed lives, not perfect or without sadness, but blessed because as our Savior, Jesus has walked through life with us. You’ll learn what it means to endure adversity, find joy in the little things, and trust more fully in the God who still performs miracles every day."Dr. Through their sharing you can begin to see your life impacted by the amazing hand of God.Ian M. CrossLink publishes a variety of Bible study, meditation, and spiritual growth books distributed by AtlasBooks. Our family, which grew to include twenty, continues to do the same. Contact: Rick Bates, Managing Editor, CrossLink Publishing, 888-697-4851 CASTLE ROCK, Colo., July 31, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — CrossLink Publishing is pleased to announce the release in paperback and eBook formats for the Amazon Kindle, the Barnes & Noble Nook, and the Apple iBookstore of "Don’t Miss the Miracles" by Heather Goodyear and Roy and April Schrameck. Would you know if you experienced a miracle? Roy Schrameck went home to heaven to spend eternity with the Lord on April 10, 2017. Share