Don Q – 2 Perks (Corner Stories Reloaded Album)

[Verse 1]
I pop two perks, now i’m feelin it
All of my cups got a pill in it
Book me at shows, just make sure you got all my money before I go enter it
Look at the way I presented it
You took my style, I invented it
Yea I need that back, I was renting it
Yea I need that back, I was renting it
I need my bitches to suck me real sloppy, and wet right before I get in the whip
Free all my niggas that locked doing they cases, I know what they did but they innocent
I got the key to the city, my nigga be happy if I let you live in it
Remember my pockets had lint in it, now all my pockets got ten in it
Rarri or Lambo, I might be bent in it
High off the muddy, you know I be bent in it
Rolling up G,G,G you smell the scent in it
Window down when I winning it (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah)
Different jewelry I can chain switch
This the cool table where you can’t sit
For the right price get your man hit
Know that money coming when yo hand itch [Intro]
Yea, yea, yea, yea