DJ Khaled Clip From Trip To Jamaica Turned Into A Meme Frenzy

We’re not sure what the look was supposed to be, one of revelation or amazement maybe, but in true Khaled fashion, it has blown up. The video has become so popular that it’s pulled in millions of views. Me on my guys trip remembering i aint block my gf from my IG story
— Shine to the 9? from #KHALEDKHALED to the WORLD JAMAICA TO THE WORLD @bujubanton @capletonmusic @grunggaadzilla @barringtonlevy411,” he recently posted to his Instagram. (@DamuJR) April 28, 2021

Me remembering I forgot to cancel my free trial
— Rue ?? The meme has now surpassed the popular “Another one” rendition. After all, the album is still on course to sell 100,000 copies and debut at #1 on the charts. He shared the clip when he was very close to dropping his latest album, and it was absorbed and regurgitated by the meme community quickly. It comes from the video of DJ Khaled having lunch in the middle of a river when he takes a sip from his wine glass and suddenly stands up with wide eyes. The clip comes from his Khaled Khaled album teasers as he slowly revealed the list of big names he’d be working with. DJ Khaled is getting the meme treatment thanks to this clip from his recent trip to Jamaica. View this post on Instagram

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He’s used to going viral, so he shouldn’t be surprised that the meme has gone global. You probably know the one we’re talking about too. (@1DJFirstClass) April 29, 2021

A-Rod hearing about Jennifer Lopez and Ben
— Emily (@emilybernay) April 30, 2021

Here is the original clip. Whenever DJ Khaled touches down in Jamaica, we expect some legendary collaborations but this time we got more than just that. #WHEREYOUCOMEFROM another dream come true!! Khaled is still riding off of the successful release of “Where You Come From,” which features some of Jamaica’s top dancehall acts. (@scusemerue) April 25, 2021

Babysitting my nephews and realizing they been mad quiet in another room for a minute
— Josh Johnson* (@JoshtheSandwich) April 27, 2021

The Animals In The Beginning Of ‘The Lion King’
— DJ First Class™? Fans had some really funny takes on what he could have been thinking about, ranging from him forgetting that he did not cancel his free Amazon Prime trial in the middle of lunch to suddenly remembering you haven’t finished your chores or some other important task. Add a new notch to his cap, as that combination has produced a variety of hilarious memes. “Just got off the phone with ISLANDS we looking BIG! View this post on Instagram

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