Dj East 137 – Sum Of The Times Lyrics

When officer Alexis comes out the box
Verse Three
Making change means breaking a sweat
Namely simple change that leads to progress
Can’t be fake like breaking a date
Or when actors in role cry out to congress
Of the people, by the people
An idea for which to stand tall
Don’t always do what it was meant to do
Of being good for one and then good for all
How quickly things change in one week
Making the road to tolerance just that longer
But like rain one thing’s for sure
When the load gets heavier, people get stronger
Can’t urge it enough to make change
Now is good time to practice what you preach
Intolerance won’t mind what you think
So imagine how it’s looking at the freedom of speech
We’ve seen it before
Runaway fear, too quick on the draw
That’s when sense is out of order
And life goes on but not like before
Just like tax one things for sure
History is in the making, sit up in class
This lesson might burn a little
But like smoke in the air, this too will pass DJ EAST 137Sum Of The Times Lyrics
Sum of the Times – DJ East 137
Verse One
Big man had to bounce
Galvanized a legacy, superman strong
Michael Che’ said its over
In that regard, I’m hoping SNL is wrong
The past tells us voice can move choice
Popular choice foxes get to count
But even that won’t hardly stifle
Operations have-nots are willing to mount
Across the land music spoke
Still shouting this one is worth pursuing
Standing ovation to the school response
Said ya’ll didn’t, ya’ll know exactly what ya’ll were doing
Time can’t stop so everything counts
Everything is data, momma raised no fool
The only setback is waiting too long
And providing opportunities for changing the rules
Verse Two
Hidden figures are a problem statistically
Quantifiably turns crap to gold
But like anything looking for trouble
Like the pigeon drop or three cards, it’s going to get old
It’s worth its weight playing it cool
So at least there’s half a chance to level the field
Femas got a brand new bag
Redefining institutions of weapons and shields
Maybe that’s not what’s going down
And its just imaginations on THC
While black budgets hide in plain sight
But thanks to social media there’s plenty to see
What you cant see are digital eyes
Peeping everything about you that will not stop
Its like taking the torch from Ms.