Dizzee Rascal – The Other Side (Raskit Album)

They better recline
Don’t don’t need a co-sign from the mayor cos I got a pretty penny, I ain’t beggin’ in my spare time
Why these bitches wanna hit me with the bare whine? There ain’t ever gonna be another crew again
So tell Willy that I don’t need a pen pal
Stop writin’ me these letters cos I don’t know what to do with them
It ain’t ever gonna be ’03 or ’02 they don’t do it how I did it
Somebody tell me what I’ve gotta prove again
I was runnin’ round the manor like a hooligan
I was linkin’ up with Gavin he was slewin’ them
Would have been a mad ting if he blew all these little grime kids ain’t got a clue
I ain’t even got a problem with the newer gen
But all these rappers that you’re begging I will ruin them
And tell Mega he can make all the noise that he wants but I’ll put him on his arse in a swamp with a few of them
They’re still talkin’ about my old wars
Folklore still talkin’ bout my old bars
Got my thinkin’ that it’s all I’m really known for
I ain’t runnin’ from no-one I fought my own wars
C1 NORTHSTAR, thats a war lord
If they only knew the way, flip the scoreboard
And tell Wes that he’s pukka and a mukka, he’s still a mad man, and a nutter and the heat I just can’t afford
Coz I’m on tour, they want an encore
Yeah sure that’s what I’m on for
Tell the promoters that they gotta put me on more
I’m like an elevator stoppin’ at the wrong floor
I ain’t got no regrets, if I did have a set
It would be that I never flew Concorde
Now my flow is complete ‘cah I don’t want no raasclaat beat

How bad do you want it? Do you really, really want it? If you want it then I’m on it Do you really, really want it? Do you really, really want it? How bad do you want it? How bad do you want it? Why these boys keep lyin’ when they swear blind? Tell me hit it bareback, these bitches ain’t even worth the airtime
Why these singers always gotta use Melodyne? Why you actin’ like you never knew and he’s movin’ new again? Why’s the Godfather touchin’ on the kids? Cos I’m used to the true spitters on the roof
East side of the river that’s the bloody roots
Had to put in work like a pair of muddy boots
Too big for my boots that’s the truth
No excuse for you new recruits
Bunch of dilutes, and a few flukes
I’ve been out of the loop
Gotta pepper MCs with a few nukes
Bunch of fashion MCs think they’re too cute
Bunch of rubbish MCs stick em in a chute
Chuck em out of a helicopter with no parachute
I had to jump through hoops
I’m a true brute
It ain’t up for dispute

How bad do you want it? How bad do you want it? Why I gotta be a hater when I tell the truth? If you’re really spittin’ fire where’s the bloody proof? Do you really, really want it? Why these rappers on their phone on the radio, they ain’t got prepared lines? Why they talking like I never made bare grime? Talk tools like I never had a spare 9
Why they reachin’ for my pockets like it’s their grind? Why I gotta like your shitty fire in the booth? Do you really, really want it? I ain’t hatin’ on the youth, if you ain’t got the juice
What’s the bloody use? If you want it then I’m on it
[Verse 2]
Why these bredders beggin’ a re-union? [Verse 1]
Tell the barber stop fuckin’ with my hairline
Got mine fitted to the side when I wear mine
Why these boys keep reachin’ for my plate knowin’ I don’t wanna share mine? How bad do you want it? Do you really, really want it? Why you gotta keep gassin’ up their dead rhymes? Do you really, really want it? Do you really, really want it?