Diorama – Defcon Lyrics

Now pull yourself together
Pour a drink, light a cigarette
And tell me about the weather
And how   the   sky turns violet
"Every   time you collide…"
…and how it all   gets messed up
"Every time you alight…"
…before the suns comes up at you
"Like a forbidden light…"
….I have a lame excuses
…they will do the job for you
This is the greatest trick of the century
And it runs, runs, runs like a clockwork
Why do you whisper? [Chorus]
"Every time you collide"
"Every time you alight"
"Like a forbidden light"
[Chorus] What a real-fake life we won't be sharing
I store you in the gift box
I take you out on a weary day
We're going deaf when fear talks
We overrule our deity
"Every time you collide…"
…we radiate the brightness
"Every time you alight…"
…from the amazing fallacy
"Like a forbidden light…."
…behind our sweat-soaked faces
…but who on earth needs dignity? Why don't you scream at me?