Dinosaur Jr. – I Ran Away Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Never sure whose side to take
Never sure when I’m awake
If there’s a difference make it three
If I could change I would agree
[Verse 2]
There’s a section outta reach
Little things I’d like to keep
Rattles in your head a sign
I’d expect another time
[Chorus 1]
I ran away
I gave it up today
Who could I blame
It can’t be true
I ran away
I stomped an then I phase
That’s where I stay
To wait for you
[Verse 3]
Keep it now and keep the sound
All the pieces that you found
Fit together just to reach you
Hold up outta town
In the head’s a jumbled mess
Like to sort this out instead
I can’t hold on just to meet you
Push out all the rest
[Chorus 2]
I ran away
You had enough to say
It fell away without a peep
Can I expect
Don’t need to be that wreck
That’s not to say it’s gonna keep
[Verse 4]
Meet me where I know
Here’s a piece I can’t let go
The difference is you found it
There’s no way of knowin'
Packed away from here
Swallowed up and logged the fear
Wish you took a picture
To show me where you're goin
I ran away
If you gave up today
I found a way to keep it true
I ran away
It can’t just be this way
That’s where I’ll stay
To wait for you