Diminished – Molesting The Decay Lyrics

Why do dead girls call out to me
My sexual urges I need to feed
Having sex with dead girls, I dare
I know it’s not right, but I, don’t care
Sift threw thousands of dead rotting sluts
To find one who’ll male me nut
More beautiful when they’re dead
Pushing threw the maggots with my dick head
I love it when their flesh rots
Coagulated blood covers my cock
It feels so good with my dick in
Aroused only by rotting skin
Rigamortis has set in
p*ssy is hard as my dick I know
Its sick but for some reason I must lick
Fighting with the maggots over the treat
Now chewing on her cold sweet vaginal meat
From there p*ssy in trail I will fist out
So many girls that I lost count
Violently raping every oralfiss
Your rotting p*ssy I’m sure I will miss