Dej Loaf – Grinding Lyrics

A couple cars, a couple cribs all to yourself
Say what’s your purpose, dawg, tell me what’s your purpose, dawg? Just tell me what you grindin’ for
What you grindin’ for? Just tell me what you grindin’ for
Who you grindin’ for? [Hook:]
What you grindin’ for? I’m a million cash, my niggas, they gon’ kill for me
Don’t wanna see my momma cryin’ ’bout no bill money
f*ck all this petty shit, let’s get some real money
Nike Cortez’, yeah they fresh up out the box
I ain’t takin’ these off ’til it’s a hundred in that box
I see death around the corner, woah, R.I.P. Just tell me who you grindin’ for
Who you grindin’ for? to Pac
I see the niggas who killed my daddy, it’s gon’ be a world war
Choppas singin’ at their throat, it’s gon’ be like, "Ooh la la"
I’ma keep on grindin’ until I’m on world tour
I can’t let these niggas play me, gotta do it on my own
I’m responsible for makin’ sure that all my people on
Gotta get, gotta get, gotta get my family off them corners
I’ve been grindin’ for so long, it’s ’bout to pay off
I’ma make it, you can put that on my father
I’ma make a mil and spend it on my mama Just tell me who you grindin’ for
To get my people off the corner
Cause I see death there on the corner
I gotta make it, all or nothin’
Turn that nothin’ into somethin’
Ain’t tryna to work no 9 to 5, I gotta hustle, bro
I had to quit that shit I had to get my hustle on
Now I’m chargin’ for my features, niggas buggin’ though
They want a friend, they don’t need to know my struggle though
I’m in the lab, I’m goin’ ham, I feel untouchable
My people waitin’, they like, "Dej when you gon’ drop Sell Sole?"
They tryna knock me off my square but I can’t f*ckin’ go
These niggas, they don’t wanna help, they want the X and O’s
I gotta get it how I live and ain’t gon’ sell myself
I might be too real for this shit is what I tell myself
I love this shit, I want it bad, what would you do for wealth? Hidden agendas, niggas hoes, they be purpin’, dawg
They be so f*ckin’ fraud, I’m a f*ckin’ star
I’ma keep hustlin’, ain’t gon’ stop until we all ball
My name buzzin’, that fame comin’
I feel this music in my veins, cousin
I’m grindin’ for my mothaf*ckin’ family
I wanna buy my mom a house in Beverly Hills
A million cash, would you kill for it?