Deconstructing the Coliseum is Sponsoring the Third Annual Great Education Forum

Tweet Novak are at 630-220-4200 and [email protected]. Direct inquiries to Mr.
"The book builds on those who wrote before me on abolition and adds some new ideas to how we are accomplishing it." Mr. Novak released a book last fall called Abolition: Overcoming the Christian Establishment on Education, in which he detailed how the Bible does not justify force and coercion to advance humanism or Christianity.
Those unable to attend in person can watch the entire Forum live on Sermon Audio, via this link:
Paul Michael Raymond. New Geneva is located at 222 Harrell Street in Appomattox. The Forum starts at 1p (E). There is no charge to attend the Forum. Basic Forum information is here, including the RSVP link: LYNCHBURG, Va., April 10, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — On Saturday, April 29th in Appomattox, Virginia will be the Third Annual Great Education Forum, sponsored by Deconstructing the Coliseum ("DtC"), the organization that promotes abolishing the public school system. The Forum will be at New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy, which is owned and operated by the Rev. Dr.
The public schools are 100% responsible for the American decline." "The Forum, just like home school conventions, is a great way to speak to people directly, instead of having to deal with a Christian leader, who likely thinks the public school system can be reformed and that it is okay for the civil government to disciple children. Novak, whose organization established the annual Great Education Forum as a way of bypassing what he calls the Christian Establishment: Christian leaders who refuse to discuss and debate whether the Bible justifies the existence of civil government schools. DtC is owned and operated by Virginia attorney Kevin R. But public schools cannot be reformed because they should not exist.
Scott Alan Buss (Fire Breathing Christian) will present on Genesis 3; Historian Bill Potter (Landmark Tours) will present on the Reformed versus the humanist view of history; Reverend E. Ray Moore (Exodus Mandate) will present on What Once Was Can Be Again: Christian Education and the Reformation; Reverend Doctor Paul Michael Raymond will present on Christian education alternatives to civil government schools; and Kevin R. Novak will present on the proper view of Christian education policy. There will be five Forum speakers. This year’s Forum will celebrate the Protestant Reformation’s 500th anniversary, and address how the civil government schools (public schools) have undermined Christianity in America.
Contact: Kevin R. Novak, President, Deconstructing the Coliseum, 630-220-4200, [email protected]