D’Banj – Ntswempu Lyrics ft. Bucie & Busiswa

Bucie & Busiswa

I’m D’Banj
Aju aju aju aju aju aju aju
Aju aju aju aju aju aju aju
Ah heh, Ntswempu, ah hey
Lets Go
Verse 1:
Oti yayaya
Oti yayaYA
Take you there there there
Take you there there there
Cause I’m loving I’m loving your way, yeah yeah
When you’re coming I’m looking your way, yeah
When you coming, you coming my way yeah yeah
Yeah, Thank God I see you again
Omoge I like it when you come my way
This sexy girl I like it when you show in my way
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Verse 2:
I wanna Know oh, Aye gonna treat me like Rosanna
Every plan, everything designer
Instagram your chocolate
Tell em am your bae
Inexpensive chocolate I hate I hate
I wanna I want
I want your cash in my account now
I know you need me eh
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