Dawn Foss – Reflecting On My Lord Lyrics

DAWN FOSSReflecting On My Lord Lyrics
I sit alone in a quiet place
Reflecting on my Lord,
And thinking of His promises
From His Holy Word. I read the Psalms to calm my soul,
To soothe my troubled heart;
How safe, secure and loved I feel
As worries soon depart. I cannot pay you back for this,
I just accept with joy! And give You all my love and say,
Praise you, Thank you, Lord. In quietness I wrote this song
To You, my precious Lord,
To thank you for your endless love
No riches can afford. In all my life the hand of God
Works all things for my good;
This love and care makes me decide
To do things as I should. Don’t get me wrong, I fail, I slide,
But love brings me right back;
God’s heart toward me forgives, restores,
He strengthens where I lack. I’m not alone, tho it may seem
Like circumstances rule;
Jesus loves me, this I know,
To doubt I’d be a fool.