David Rovics – In One World Lyrics

DAVID ROVICSIn One World Lyrics
In 1948 I fled my village
The Stern Gang drove my family from the lands
We ran into the desert
Where I’ve spent these decades living by my hands
Life in Haifa wasn’t easy
But so much better than this hellhole with the soldiers
and barbed wire
And the closures, and the hunger
The humiliation and the checkpoints, the machine gun
And each day I wonder after Haifa
The home that we abandoned when the Zionists had won
Is there a family with a child
Does it’s father love it as I loved my only son
Before the soldiers shot him down
Riddled him with bullets in his back and in his head
Home in Haifa, in my house
Does someone’s father know the pain there is in an
empty bed
In 1960 I fled my country
Left the Tigris River for this foreign place
I had to leave home, I didn’t want to
But they were rounding up the leftists and the papers
had my face
And my son, a student leader
On the streets of Baghdad was nowhere to be found
So I walked through the mountains
Just the shirt upon my back, knowing not where I was
Now here I am, this town of Haifa
In this little house, but at least I’m still alive
And each night I wonder how is Baghdad
Would I recognize my friends if any did indeed survive
It took a long time, but I made a home here
And I wished my son could be here in this town upon the
I was with my wife, it was the Sabbath
When an old Arab couple knocked upon our door
We asked them in, gave them tea
For that’s what you do with strangers, and we could see
they meant no harm
They told their story, we told ours
Us of our life in Baghdad, them of their family farm
And of this house, which they once lived in
Where once they raised a family, long before their hair
turned grey
Of their son, and the troopers
And of ours, who we cry for every day
So much in common, so much gone bad
So much running, and never coming home
You can hear the cards falling down
See the faces of the children, forever forced to roam
And here we were, in this house
Fearing that tomorrow would be just like yesterday
So much resentment, so much at stake
And I really don’t remember who was the first to say
In one world
In one village
In one home
Let us live together