Daryl Coley – He’ll Never Let You Down Lyrics

DARYL COLEYHe’ll Never Let You Down Lyrics
A brother will let go your hand
Sister will still not understand
Mother can’t always dry your tears
And father at times can’t be there
And even your best friend can’t be found
Well theres Jesus and hell never let you down
When house just dont seem like a home
Youve got family you there yet youre so alone
The telephone rings but theres no good news
Everything seems wrong no (incomprehensible)
And even the happiest people are wearing a frown well hold on cause there’s Jesus and he’ll never let you down
He wont let, he wont ever let you
Hell go with you trought the storm
And trhought he rain
He still with you in sickness, and pain
You might hurt and abused
You may be mistreated and misused
You may be down, out, and tossed all about
But the lord he will not, he cannot ever
He wont let you down
I triedit for myself and I know that he won’t I know that he cannot
I know that he will not let you down
He, He, He wont let you down