Darius Cartier – Hullabaloo Lyrics

DARIUS CARTIERHullabaloo Lyrics
Time goes by
No change in sight
I’m watching you
Watching me
So you wanna know
What you’ve been sold
Got your number
I got the receipt
The hope they’re told
And the hope grows old
Stand up for their rights
For equality in our community
Stand up
make noise tonight
So equal rights
Whether black or white
But why should it end right there
For those with aids
Let’s have our say
And show them that we care
Head held high
Gonna win this fight
Brush the shame to the floor
It ain’t right
respectful haters
there’s the door woah
That’s we do
A sound of support
That you won’t forget
We make it for you
Dispel the taboo
Making you regret
Shame gets old
And our hearts grow cold
please don’t let time go by
Help that we send
Shows them a friend
In the cold, in the dark
Giving light
It’s underway
Stand up and unite
For a change in our minds
For a change in the times
shout it out loud scream proud woah
(Underneath main vocals)
We gonna shout, we gonna cry, we gonna show our love
We gonna scream, we gonna fight, we won’t let these
people die.