DaniLeigh Worries Fans With Latest Post After Bout With “Snowfall” Actor Amin Joseph

Praying for her.”
Perhaps this will help the singer push through as we all hope that she is doing okay. One upset Twitter user said, “I knew i didn’t like DaniLeigh, now sis reaching trying to get people to not like Snowfall with her.” Another added that “It takes a level of blackness AND intelligence to understand snowfall’s greatness….”
And as if the backlash from the show’s fans wasn’t enough, one of the main actors, Amin Joseph, added fire to the flames, boldly telling DaniLeigh, “It’s a black thang, you wouldn’t understand.”
The “No Limits” singer famously claimed that she was 39% West African, and fans had a field day disputing it. Everything is not always about color. Needless to say, many were displeased with the song and its lyrics. Critics called out the singer for being a colorist for bragging in the song’s lyrics that “Yellow bone” was what her man wanted. That claim came amidst backlash for her song “Yellow Bone”. The singer had been dating rapper DaBaby, and many thought the line was a dig at his ex, who is dark-skinned. One user wrote, “Y’all push her too far to the edge. A Twitter user argued that “Its alot of ppl that don’t watch snowfall because they can’t get it into. Despite this, it seems DaniLeigh just wasn’t here for it, expressing her disdain for the show in the now-deleted tweet. Yall not trashing them dam Kardashians. Fans of the show have been hype over the renewal, sharing their excitement on various social media channels. View this post on Instagram

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Fans are now sending out well wishes as they pray for the singer. Needless to say, fans of the show weren’t having it. DaniLeigh has once again found herself at the center of controversy. View this post on Instagram

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While many were happy to see DaniLeigh being shaded so publicly over her dislike for Snowfall, there was at least one person who shared her views on the series. Just because someone rich say something people play follow the leader. I like @DaniLeigh and I live @SnowfallFX.”
Sadly, it seems the backlash has finally taken its toll on the singer as she later took to Instagram and posted a heartbreaking message on Story. There were several calls to boycott her music, and many social media users celebrated when DaBaby recently called it quits on the relationship. “I feel like I cry every other day..I just want my life to change already…I don’t wanna be here no more..I got no real love around me,” she expressed. DaniLeigh came under heavy criticism this morning when she tried to shade a much-loved television series highly regarded by the black community. Share this:

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Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) It all started when the singer tweeted, “Am I the only one that can’t get into snowfall,” referencing the FX crime series, which has just been renewed for a fifth season. She can’t post nothing without y’all attacking her.