Dancehall Legend Baby Cham Calls Jamaican Gov’t Bias For Easing UK Travel Ban

He added that the decision was taken to try and help boost the island’s economy. Why. Do the jamaican govt realize sey a di people, di food, di place and definitely di music why most tourists come a yaad? Although yes they employ them but still. The citizens, athletes and mostly of the artists promote the country and are the quintessential vessel in putting out Jamaica to the world. get it under control quick,” and this fan chimed in, “Such everyone should boycott travelling there until its open for all. The part of the song he chose lamented all of these issues. The government is not for the people who risk their life during election and put dem on power…. Most sectors of the Jamaican economy, like many other countries around the world, have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. U can’t have certain people a benefit in di country and the ones who put unu in postion a get constant raw deals.. WHO ARE YOU WORKING FOR? Soooo many voices and I hear like 3. PROMOTER, DJs, ENTERTAINERS, CORNER SHOPS AND THE PEOPLE OF THE COUNTRY HAVE BEEN CRYING (TO DEAF EARS) THAT THEY TOO ARE DYING – BUT THE GOVERNMENT HAS IMPOSED STRICTER “LOCK DOWN” ON THEM!! Crickets and ants everywhere just like that Disney movie. For the most part, it seemed that his fans agreed with his stance. He posted a clip of his recent track called “Lockdown” on Usain Bolt’s Clockwork Riddim. Baby Cham speak on the Jamaican government lifting UK travel ban while ignoring the entertainment sector. Same sht.”
Do you agree with Baby Cham’s take on UK tourists being allowed into Jamaica? WILL YOU POLICE THE HOTELS AND TOURIST THE SAME AS YOU POLICE THE PEOPLE???” he posted. “Jamaica’s position at this time is critical in relation to the opening up of the summer tourist season and in fact, the importance of enabling the diaspora, particularly the strong British clientele that have always come to the island,” he said. “Unfair bad and it is not even funny. He was obviously upset as he also made the caption in all caps. Share this:

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Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) WHO PUT YOU IN POWER?? With restrictions looking to be relaxed soon for UK tourism, veteran dancehall artist Baby Cham is making his feelings on the way the government handled the pandemic known. Jamaica’s borders have been open since June 2020, and they’ve already welcomed about 1.5 million visitors. That country is what it is because of what the leaders have done or more importantly not done to help the country as a whole and that goes for anyone who has a voice. “On Saturday May 1, Jamaica will reopen its borders to international visitors from the United Kingdom. Set of dictators,” this fan said, another added, “@cham….pure double standard!!!! Most of the owners prob not even citizens. Tek care a u people dem govt of JA. Watch that. The entertainment sector has staggered and tried as best as possible to keep up with the restrictions put in place to safeguard the country. Cham’s take on the matter is that the hoteliers and others in the sector cried out for help and have been given it while the poor and disenfranchised have been left to fend for themselves. He also made his feelings known with the caption attached to the short video clip. View this post on Instagram

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The “Ghetto Story” deejay is lashing out at Jamaica’s Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett, who recently announced that the travel ban on the United Kingdom, which was supposed to end last Friday, April 30, would not be renewed. He made sure to include his more explicit lyrics in expressing his feelings on Instagram. “TOURISM BOARD AND THE HOTELS / RESORTS CRIED THAT THEIR BUSINESS IS DYING, SO THE GOVERNMENT IS OPENING THE COUNTRY FOR THEM ON MAY 1ST TO SAVE THEIR POCKETS!! The ban was part of Jamaica’s Disaster Risk Management Act to help mitigate the spread of the UK variant of the virus. This will enable the critical gateways of Heathrow and Gatwick airports, to have transit for passengers coming through and who are fully compliant with health and safety protocols required for international travel,” Bartlett said. All visitors welcomed had a quarantine period and had to follow other health protocols.