Dancehall Artist Accused Alkaline of Stealing His Song

“I have a song name ‘Carry On’ you can check it out on YouTube,” Boasy said. An up and coming dancehall artist name Boasy Brown is accusing Alkaline of stealing his song. When I listened to his song it sounds exactly like my own and he is using my style just like how I did it.”
Alkaline new song “Golden Hold” has already racked up over a million views on YouTube. We provide a song to compare below and Boasy Brown has released a video blasting Alkaline for his lack of originality. “I was sleeping and my phone is just vibrating and when I checked it out it was people texting me saying ‘Boasy Brown your song Carry On I just heard Alkaline with it and it sounds just like your own. Listen to both songs below and be the judge. But now a relatively unknown deejay has stepped forward accusing the Vendetta head of stealing his flow and lyrics. Last month, Alkaline released a new single “Golden Hold” that has been doing very well on dancehall airwaves since it’s debut.