Damnation – Confession Lyrics

Against obscurity
Leading now – in my life
I create – to take pride
I’m the thorn – I despise
I grab your faith – for my survive
Fight! Against christianity
Fight! Fight! Against their “morality”
Fight! Against their “morality”
Fight! Forgive me POWER! Against sick society
Fight! Fight! Against christianity
Fight! Against obscurity
I’m power
I’m lord
I’m God on my path
Always… Against sick society
Fight! For my long time of weakness
For my misery
For submission upon blinds
For feeling guilty
For distraction in day and night
And lost time
For my fear – in my existence
Against myself
In my mind – I was trapped
In my fury – I was man who’s dead
The source of life – The sense of mankind
To care for own worth inside – and f*ck abject lies