CZARFACE & MF DOOM – The King And Eye Lyrics

& Esoteric]
And it came to pass
That the gods, the superpowered beings (CZAR)
And the extraterrestrials all came together in concert
And they had one purpose
And that purpose was to save some lives
So that you, no matter what you was goin’ through
Would survive (Peace king, what it is? [Intro]
You’ve been workin’ on music, since (Yeah)
Ever since I’ve known you
Shit! (Yes)
Okay, okay
(I wanna do it)
[Interlude: D.M.C. Man, listen, uh, CZARFACE)
[Verse 1: Esoteric]
I take the mic’ from D
And that’s the only way to set off such a CZAR-studded LP
The bass hits like base hits, I’m Aaron Judge
First you’re scary thugs, next you call five like Karen does
The Feds, they get weird, protect your neckbeard
My head is clear like Shakespeare when he wrote King Lear
Listen, all that, “Comin soon” shit? Stop it
Your project’s like a topic of discussion with my girl
‘Cause I know you’ll never drop it
Plus you’re standin’ there like Orange Cassidy
With your hands in your pockets, the audacity
Breakin’ necks when I flex like X-23
I pass the mic’ back to the king, D.M.C., get ’em
[Verse 2: D.M.C.]
D.M.C. in the place to be
Darryl makes comics just like Stan Lee
Like Peter Parker, I live in Queens
And like T’Challa, I am a king
[Break: MF DOOM]
What have we got, Viktor? That’s a, that’s a, that’s a pretty good question
We have the mask
He has got the mask, the mask, the mask
The mask, the mask, the mask, the mask (DOOM)
The mask, the mask, the mask, the mask
Ha-ha, ha-ha-ha
The mask, the mask, the mask, the mask
The mask, the mask, the mask, the mask
It’s that CZARFACE shit
You know, all of us have…
So to speak, and we need someone to listen
What an unexpected surprise
You wanna roll this tape? Ahahahah
Ayo, that’s how he was rhymin’, man, I don’t give a fuck
And you were like, “You’re dead to me” (Haha, haha)
That’s the beginnin’? (I wanna see that!)
Alright, let’s go, let’s go ahead and roll this tape
Roll him outta here
This mask, and you, I know it can have a serious effect on my lifestyle too