Critically Acclaimed Documentary ‘Is Genesis History?’ Available on DVD, VOD, & for Church Licensing on April 11

Contact: Lori Heiselman, 714-553-5181 FRANKLIN, Tenn., April 6, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — After the successful one night theatrical event that netted two encore performances, the documentary feature IS GENESIS HISTORY? They each spend time looking at scientific data from the perspective of the history recorded Genesis. Documentaries aren’t supposed to do well in theaters. What we were surprised by was how many theaters sold out, added screens, then sold out again. the highest grossing and #1 per-screen average film in the country on February 23 ( is a film that is continually breaking the mold." In the documentary, Tackett introduces viewers to experts in theology, geology, paleontology, biology, archaeology, and astronomy. Using an unconventional theatrical release, the film launched as a one-night only theatrical event through Compass Cinema and Fathom Events. Over 143,000 people purchased tickets for the premiere event, making IS GENESIS HISTORY? Tackett’s journey spans the continent, exploring answers to compelling questions such as the sudden extinction of the dinosaurs, the timeline of natural history, and the reality of a global flood.On Aprill 11, The film’s website,, will provided churches and organizations the opportunity to register to host individual screenings of this compelling documentary, plus they can download a plethora of additional support materials, including video devotionals, a church prep booklet, online Bible studies and more.The same day, the film will be available on DVD, Blu-ray, and VOD, and will include three bonus features from additional scientists (Larry Vardiman, Douglas Kelly, and Stuart Burgess), examining the topics of Climate Change, the History of Creation in the Church, and the Design of the Universe. examines the two conflicting histories on the origins of the Earth and the Universe. unpacks and presents positive, evidence-based arguments for the credibility of the Bible as accurate history."People don’t need to feel unscientific in believing God’s Word as it is written. This outpouring of support launched two additional evenings of encore screenings that ultimately earned the film a whopping $2.7M in just three evenings. Del Tackett, host in the movie. said, "We knew people were innately interested in the events recorded in Genesis, so we were confident in the subject matter. With an immense body of new research and discoveries currently available, IS GENESIS HISTORY? IS GENESIS HISTORY? will be available at online retailers and on the website. Producer Thomas Purifoy Jr. Through on-location interviews with veteran scientists, IS GENESIS HISTORY? will be available on DVD, VOD, and for church licensing on April 11. We wanted the film to show that there are smart, professional, respected scientists who are working in the field who have seen the evidence firsthand and believe that the evidence supports the historical narrative of Genesis," explains Dr. IS GENESIS HISTORY? Share