Company Promotes ‘I Am Covered With The Blood of Jesus’

Its message is for all those who have embraced and welcomed Jesus into their lives and, also, believe in the Power of the Blood of Jesus. They believe this ‘Godly’ message on their new Red Lenten Blankets will surely comfort a Christian during this Lenten Season and is a perfect gift for all Christians. At home, the Red Lenten Blanket can cover you from drafts or comfort you if you are not feeling well.All of their novelty gifts have been created and designed to promote God’s Love by means of powerful ‘Godly’ messages which help promote Hope for the daily Christian’s life. In addition, they believe their inspiring and captivating ‘Godly’ message on their new Red Lenten Blanket will be cherished forever by Christians from all parts of the globe. For more information about the Red Blanket Lenten Promotion, please feel free to visit their Nothing but the Blood of Jesus!"The Red Lenten Blanket measures 53 inches by 48 inches and made of polyester materials.  Fundraising opportunities are available. The space saving style of this blanket is ideal to travel with on train, car, or plane. During this Lenten season, they want to help people focus on the real meaning of the "Power of The Blood of Jesus!" The Red Lenten Blanket is, without a doubt, a special novelty gift that the Company wants to promote, vigorously, during this Lenten season and future Lenten seasons, together with their other "Blood of Jesus" Novelty Gifts. It is their belief that their New Red Lenten Blanket is a one of a kind gift that will bless all those who receive it this Lenten season. It is, also, a symbolic and special gift which promotes the "Power Of the Blood of Jesus" during the Lenten Season. Contact: Debby Thomas-Jupiter, 708-401-7729CHICAGO, March 17, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — Religious Goods by Jupiter, a company that specializes in unique religious novelty gifts has created a Red Lenten Blanket which contains this ‘Godly’ and inspirational message: "I am covered with the Blood of Jesus!" The Company believes that these words anoint you every time and every day that you declare them out loud or in your heart.The Company is pleased to announce their 1st Annual Red Lenten Blanket Promotion. Their signature company hymn is: "What can wash away your sins? It, also, comes with a handle to carry it, easily, anywhere you may go.