Clouted Up

Lyrics to ‘Clouted Up’ by Playboi Carti:

All my niggas clouted, yeah clouted up, yeah
All my niggas clouted, yeah, clouted up, yeah
Aye, clouted up aye
All these niggas ’round me and you know they clouted up, aye
Yeah, aye, yeah, aye
She just wanna fuck me cause she know I’m clouted up, yeah
She just wanna fuck cause she know I’m clouted up, yea
Yeah, yeah, aye know I’m clouted up
–Verse 1–
All that clout, ooh
Gettin’ mouth, ooh
Yeah, I’m from the South ooh
From the [?]
In the trap, ooh
Ain’t no drought, yeah
Got the Tec up, yeah and the Tec yeah
Yeah, leave you wet aye, yeah
Give me neck, yeah
That’s my set, yeah
Yeah, 29 aye yeah and we grind yeah, yeah
Til the light yeah, yeah, the sunshine yeah