Citizen Fish – Dividing Lines Lyrics

CITIZEN FISHDividing Lines Lyrics
So busy picking holes in our skin/that stretches tight to keep us all in/that
when what we thought were eternal friends/have dissappeared from the scene/or
changed their habits to suit themselves/we begin to see what it means/to be
choosing something outside the rules/that no one sets but we follow/demanding
leaders and food for thought/and it’s getting harder to swallow/meanwhile the
police and the tax demands/are coming in harder than ever/we’re raising our
fists but not joining hands/for fear of being seen together/with people in the
same mentality/but differently aligned/we got straightedge harcore this core
that core/too many dividing lines/individual personal choices/set examples but
don’t create laws/we are not all the same as eachother/but the differece it
ain’t much at all/so do what you like but let me do the same/and maybe we’ll
do it together one day!