Christian Psychiatrist Believes Millions Can Solve Their Own Mental Problems

What advice can you give someone who has a family member with an addiction or a mental illness?
How has your Christian faith influenced your counseling? 
Zwiebel, "I truly believe men, women, and young people can save months and years of anguish by practicing these time-tested, practical principles of mental health."Bestselling author Norman Geisler states, "It’s the most readable, insightful, and helpful book on this topic I have ever read." And noted educator, Dr. Contact: Dr. 29, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — After founding one of the nation’s largest counseling centers, noted Christian psychiatrist, Dr. Dirk Zwiebel, 980-233-0592, [email protected] CHARLOTTE, N.C., Aug. 980-233-0592.Possible questions for media interviews: Note: To request media interviews, contact the author: [email protected]. Dirk Zwiebel believes that many emotional or mental problems, uncontrollable urges, anxieties, and other behavioral symptoms can be self-diagnosed and resolved by the patients themselves.In his widely heralded new book, "Before You See a Shrink!" the author addresses steps to take when facing a mental problem, strategies for defeating addictions and negative habits, dealing with pent-up emotions, fears, phobias, and compulsions.Says Dr. Z helps readers navigate the often-confusing world of psychology —and makes the journey thoroughly enjoyable and inspirational.""Before You See a Shrink!" is available as a hardback book at and as a Kindle eBook. Richard Land, comments, "Dr.
In your practice, what are some of the toughest problems you’ve had to deal with?  
Zwiebel, what led you into the field of psychology and counseling?  Dr.
Why did you write the book, "Before You See a Shrink?" 
Do you believe mental illness is inherited or induced? 
  What do you say to those who refuse to see a psychologist because they believe that only the Bible has the answers for mental or emotional problems?