Chanel West Coast – Own World Lyrics

Do my own thing
I live in the cloud
Own world
Own world
Own world
Own world
I be in my own world
Own world
Own world
Own world
Own world
Walkin’ on the moon slow
Runnin’ on the side, yeah
Summer is the truth, so
Let you know when I get there
I don’t know whether how the cold is better
I just know never is the same as forever
I live to be better
Stay the course like leather
I’m lost whatever
And I’mma boss whenever
Take a steam when I want to
Take your hand when I need to
Spend a grand just to see you
Love is grand when you see through
Roam the land like a breeze do
It came in like a least true(?)
That’s the can, and it can do
One reason that I be true
(Hook) CHANEL WEST COASTOwn World Lyrics
Me am mooving now
Chasing my dreams
To be moving out
Ain’t what it seems
I’m living out
This what it means
And I need a crown
I’m my own team
Can you feel me now? I’m my own queen
Do I need a crown?